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if you’re like most smart & busy women, some of this will sound familiar…

  • Are you kicking ass handling work, family & everything in your life, but feel disconnected from your body and emotions?

  • If you’re single, are you perplexed about how to attract a deep relationship - even though you have so much to offer?

  • If you’re partnered, is your relationship missing a “spark” of excitement?

  • Are you wondering how to connect with your sensual, feminine side?

If any of this is true for you, it’s completely understandable how you might have lost contact with your feminine erotic power. It’s all-too-easy to happen these days.

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Erotic Energy is a primary source of prosperity, creativity and confidence.

without it, we become depleted.

with it, we flourish in every way…


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Free Masterclass:

5 Secrets to Feminine Seduction: Magnetize Your Heart’s Desire with Grace and Power 

Welcome to the aphrodite circle

a live virtual course to turn on your erotic feminine allure

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become an enchantress

and magnetize your desires

No more putting up with unfulfilling sex, lonely nights with Netflix, or losing yourself in work.

No more staring at your phone wondering where he went.

YOU can attract anything you desire by leaning back and turning on your radiant inner light.

Maybe the love of your life? Or a legion of lovers? Let them chase you.

And you can absolutely spice up your relationship.

There’s a secret form of Magick that every woman should know….

I can teach it to you.

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Are feminine arts that turn sexuality into cosmic play.


Come naturally when you expand to receive more pleasure in your body.


what is Sex Magick?

Eva explains how you can use erotic turn-on to fuel your success.

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“The Aphrodite Circle renewed my faith in love.”

It was an absolutely delicious deep dive into the heart of sacred feminine allure. My heart is still aflame with appreciation for each beautiful Goddess in our circle — our sisterhood has transformed me. My heart is clear about who I yearn to call in as my King…. and after Aphrodite Circle I am ready. Eva is a wise, embodied guide who will lead you straight into your sovereign sensual power.

~ Keri C., Realtor

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There’s one thing you must understand first:

There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman in her pleasure.

Beauty is not about age, your body, or your appearance. It’s about how you radiate joy!


Powerful Results


  • Feeling confident enough to never settle for less than your heart’s desire.

  • ENJOYING each new interaction - without being hung up on "is he the one?"

  • Flirting in ways that are FUN and inspire devotion.

  • Cultivating magnetism that inspires men to chase YOU.

  • Feeling turned-on, and powerful and ALIVE. Yes!

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“The Aphrodite Circle was absolutely delicious.”

As a mature, newly single woman, navigating my love life has been daunting with all the dating apps and rampant hookup culture.

Eva's class was a deep dive into the empowering world of the sensuous and the sacred. I am grateful for her fearless, wise ways and I can't wait for more!

- Stephanie Dawn, Radiant Living Priestess

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Aphrodite is one powerfully sexy goddess.  Born from the sea, she is wild, untamable, and obeys her own desires.

She delights in the art of seduction, flirtation, and sexual play.

She transforms the ordinary into beauty through the power of her LOVE.

She is infinitely desirable.

She has full sovereignty over her body, her pleasure, her sex.

She is possessed by No Man.  She claims her right to love whom she chooses, and when she does, she gives the whole of her heart.

She surrounds herself with sensual beauty.

She trusts her turn-on as an all-knowing guide.

She wholly rejects society’s oppression of female sexuality.

She’s unabashed about her body, free from insecurity or shame.


Erotic Feminine activation process


Every woman has a multitude of facets in her psyche, yet our various social forces, particularly masculine-centric culture, has limited their full expression. When you’re disconnected from ANY part of yourself, you access only a fraction of your intrinsic power.

By invoking archetypal energies - or mythic imprints - that represent the distinct faces of feminine power, we activate them in ourselves.

The Erotic Feminine Activation Process has two parts:

1) You’ll learn The 5 Facets of the Erotic Feminine which are essential to thriving in relationships.

  • Pleasure & Play - through Aphrodite and Lalita Tripura Sundari.

  • Confidence - through Durga and Kali.

  • Abundance - through Lakshmi.

  • Discernment - through Saraswati.

  • Emotional Self-Mastery - through Bhuvaneshwari.

2) We enjoy a powerful 40-day yogic practice boost your radiance and awaken your pleasure-body. (approx. 10 min/day).



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“Get your mojo back, ladies!”

I came into this Circle after a nasty divorce. After 20 years of marriage and 3 kids, I was terrified and yet excited. Eva and the Sisterhood loved me back to life. I now feel confident, sexy, and have men chasing me. Even MUCH younger men! The funny thing is - I thought I wanted another partnership, but now I just want to have fun!”

- Helen Miranda, MBA, Investor

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meet your Guide

Dear Sister,

I get it. As a deep, intelligent woman, it can be challenging to navigate modern relationships. How do we pursue our ambitions, and at the same time feel sexy, playful, and happy?

I've been a licensed psychotherapist, clinical sexologist, and yogi for over 20 years, but more than anything...

I consider myself a Professional Troublemaker :)

My personal story goes like this....

Early in life, I met my first soulmate and we married. We had an incredible relationship, but nearly a decade into the marriage, I lost my libido. Gone. Vanished. And I couldn't seem to get it back. I felt defective, ashamed, and resentful of my own body.

I tried everything, but eventually we divorced. We couldn't resuscitate our marriage with the tools we had at the time (I wish I’d had this course back then!).

It was devastating, but it set me on a path to discover what intimacy really meant for me. Even though I had all the academic knowledge, my soul was searching for something deeper.

After a period of healing, I began to date again. It was hard! And I found myself heartbroken A LOT. To numb the pain, I settled for lots of “junk food sex” and threw myself into work. I realized that whether my sexuality was shut-down, or over-active, at its core it came from the same problem:

I didn't know how to let love in.

Out of desperation, I began to study ancient practices in sacred sexuality, like Tantra and Taoism. I awakened to the holiness of my body and learned to connect with my sexual energy as a source of power. I studied about the specific needs of the masculine.

I realized that first and foremost....

We have to love ourselves the way we want to BE loved.

What I offer you now is the marriage of mind-body psychology and the spirituality of sacred sex.

I've been told I give good permission.

I hope we get to play, dear sister. You deserve to be loved, deeply and passionately.

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the Aphrodite Circle Includes


seven live,

interactive Sessions

Via Zoom, so we can see each other’s beautiful faces.

=> Live Sessions are Wednesdays 12:00 - 1:00 PM PST

=> Love Lab meets Mondays 6:00 - 7:00pm PST

Always recorded for replay. Recordings do not include your identity so you can participate in privacy.


weekly office hours

(”love lab”)

to get live coaching from eva

Should you call him back? How do you get your man to ______? Where do you even START with dating again? Our circle supports you with wise advice, so you operate from your most empowered self.

“Love Lab” live coaching meets Mondays 6:00 - 7:00pm PST


a juicy private online forum

Women make the deepest transformation in sisterhood. Share your stories, get urgent advice, and stay connected in our secret forum, where you’ll also get tons of coaching from Eva.


video practices to use for a lifetime

Boost your feminine radiance, sexual pleasure, and confidence with a daily practice and audio/video recording to follow. Practices are drawn from Shakti Tantra, Kundalini Yoga and Ecstatic Movement.

a powerful sisterhood for support

We got you. You’ll be engaged, turned-on, and connected. Our Sisterhood celebrates your lusciousness and keeps you on-track with transformation.

a total breakthrough for your love life

The Erotic Feminine Activation Process will shift your inner narrative, so heartbreak, disappointment, and frustration are no longer the default.



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“The Aphrodite Circle brought me back to life. ”

When I came to this course, I was depressed, irritable, and angry all the time. I felt like I was dead inside, and had no desire for sex whatsoever. As a single mom, I didn’t realize that I was disconnected from my feminine pleasure, and had lost myself in being the “perfect” mother and boss. I thought I should be able to do it all. Now I feel whole, juicy, and turned-on because I follow the practices Eva taught us. And I’m actually more successful at everything!! Thank you Eva and my Aphrodite sisters!

- Alena Vilasakova, Art Gallery Owner

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the transformation

yOur journey To passionate love


Module Three

Module One

Module Two

Embodying the Erotic Feminine: Heal old stories that are limiting your ability to receive love. We do a deep inventory of what’s embedded in your subconscious “blueprint” and re-write the script to fit your new empowered, self-loving, and pleasure-driven self.

Understanding Magnetism: Opening to Pleasure and the Supreme Magick of Enjoying Yourself. We learn the neuroscience of pleasure and how to circulate it through your body.

Getting clear on Boundaries - Owning Your YES and your NO: When do you give your heart to someone, and when - out of self-respect - you must hold your boundaries.

Module Six

Module Four

Emotional Self Mastery: To honor yourself fully, and to cultivate integrity in your relationships, you’ll be given tools to transcend emotional reactivity and hold your power with grace and self-worth.

Module Five

Deepening Intimacy: How to communicate authentically and skillfully to ask for exactly what you want. Here we learn communication structures specifically designed to reach the masculine brain, including texts!

The Art of Sacred Seduction: How to evoke his passion and commitment through the exquisite art of teasing and receiving. Here we learn the Erotic Formula and how men tick - and practice the trifecta of Erotic Feminine Allure: Lean back, create tension, and enjoy yourself :)

(OPTIONAL) Hot tips for online & app dating so you don’t waste your time or get overwhelmed.

Includes - coaching & feedback on your profile, selecting pictures, and initiating contact.

Module Seven

  Plus Even More!

You’ll Also Receive These Amazing Bonuses


Advice from A panel of quality men

Periodically men will join us to answer your uncensored questions about what men really want. Get honest feedback and advice from them on “Why Men Disappear?”, “What Makes a Man Commit?” and “What Makes a Woman Attractive?”


“own Your Orgasm” video training

Learn how to heighten your capacity for orgasm and pleasure by understanding the female sexual arousal system.


recorded meditations & videos

Videos of yogic practices to up-level radiance and magnetism, and five guided audio meditations, for each Goddess Archetype we work with, to support your practice in invoking the Erotic Feminine.


Please make time for your erotic life,

you deserve to feel amazing!

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don’t miss out on any more of the love & pleasure you deserve!


=> We begin Oct. 23, 2019 <=

Classes are 7 Wednesdays, 12:00- 1:00pm Pacific Time

Love Lab is 6 Mondays, 6:00 - 7:00pm, Pacific Time

Oct 23 - Dec 11, 2019

(we skip Thanksgiving week)


1 Payment of


(Save $30)


3 Monthly Payments of 



I need to talk to Eva first

We understand.

Schedule a complimentary call with Eva to see if this is a fit for you.



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“I was always shy and shut-down. No more!”

This has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I was always afraid to own my feminine power, much less my pleasure, because in Asian cultures it’s very frowned upon. Yet my marriage became stale because I was in my head all the time. Now I bring my husband my “Aphrodite” - my pleasure and playfulness. We’re both SO happy about it.

- Susan, Business Owner

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“I love dating in this new way!

The Aphrodite Circle totally transformed my love life and the quality of men I have been attracting. The sessions were an intelligent mesh of science, sexy embodied movement and real life wisdom from Eva and the rest of my Aphrodite sisters. I truly feel I have awakened a new light of love inside myself.

- Elizabeth Tweedy, Registered Dietician

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Frequently Asked Questions 


I’m not sexually active, is this course appropriate for me?

YES. It’s a perfect time to transform old beliefs and replace them with new, empowering, pleasure-full practices that shift your “story”.

I’m in a relationship, is this course appropriate for me?

YES. Many women (typically almost half) who attend this course are in long-term partnerships. The material we cover will absolutely shift your relationship (and you) for the better. This course also honors non-monogamous relationships.

What is the time commitment?

We meet live for two hours per week, one hour for class, and one hour for Love Lab (optional). Including the practices, you can expect 2.5 hours per week. Of course, the more you participate, the deeper your transformation.

I am a survivor of trauma, is this course appropriate for me?

Absolutely. All of our content is trauma-informed, and designed to support the unique journey of trauma survivors. If you have significant unresolved trauma, we do suggest to attend concurrent trauma therapy.


Keri (5).png

“I’ve never been happier with a course!”

I had no idea I’d been doing it all wrong - that trying so hard to impress men and prove my lovability was actually pushing them away. When Eva taught me it’s as simple as enjoying and loving myself, they began to pursue me. I’m now in a solid love relationship and head over heels in love. Aphrodite Circle was a revelation, a game-changer, and every woman should have this knowledge!

- Gloria, Artist

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