Make Dating an Act of OutrageousPleasure and Personal Power


Feeling frustrated, hopeless, or bored with dating and relationships?

Starting to feel like you’ll never meet “the one”?

Do you get emotionally wrecked after you have sex?

Or even after one date?

F- that.

There’s a better way.

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It’s time for you to be in the driver’s seat

No more pining, settling, or lonely nights with Netflix.

YOU can attract a legion of men, let them scramble to win you, and choose the BEST ONE.

OR - rewrite the rules altogether, and enjoy a variety of devoted lovers.

I can teach you how.

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Sovereignty, Freedom, Confidence

all happen when we claim the power inside us as women.

Seduction, Flirtation, Expression

are natural and enjoyable arts of connection - They activate your ability to attract the men you really want.

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I hear often:

"WHERE are men for me?!"

"They never want to commit"

"I always get my heart broken"

"I hate dating, so I just avoid it"

“I can’t have casual sex without feeling crazy afterwards”

I get it.

For years I toiled in heartbreak and frustration, until I did a total overhaul of my sex and love life 10 years ago.  Since then, it's been near-constant fun and pleasure, both casually dating and in long-term relationships.

I learned how to

a) manage my projections, fantasies, and hormonal filters,

b) understand men, and

c) chuck convention and reinvent my love life in alignment with the truth of my soul.

love is not about being lucky

lasting love & commitment is inspired through your ability to embody your worth and your pleasure.

(PS - this is exactly what nature wired you for - let’s activate it!)



==> ENJOYING each new interaction - without being hung up on "is he the one?"

==> Have juicy, nourishing, orgasmic sex without getting emotionally wrecked by it!  And without obsessing on him afterwards.

==> Learn the art of seduction even through texting and online dating.

==> Feel confident and empowered around men (and everyone).

==> Learn how to flirt in ways that inspire attraction and commitment.

==> Learn how to love yourself so fully that men are just the delicious cherry on top of your life.

==> Surrender into the pleasure of connection without worry, fear, or anxiety.

Why Aphrodite?

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Aphrodite is one bad-ass sexy goddess.  Born from the sea, she is wild, untamable, and obeys nothing but her own desires.

She delights in the art of seduction, flirtation, and sexual play.

She transforms the ordinary into beauty through the power of her LOVE.

She is infinitely desirable.

She has full sovereignty over her body, her pleasure, her sex.

She is possessed by No Man.  She claims her right to love whom she chooses, and when she does, she gives the whole of her heart.

She surrounds herself with sensual beauty.

She isn’t hijacked by primitive emotions that drain her power, such as jealousy, neediness and obsession.

She trusts her turn-on as an all-knowing guide.

She wholly rejects society’s oppression of female sexuality.

She’s unabashed about her body, free from insecurity and shame.


we focus on embodiment, empowerment, and sisterhood


Your Pleasure is an Irresistible Force


The Aphrodite Circle includes…

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a private online forum

Community is everything! Make new friends on a shared path. The group never expires so the sisterhood can keep deepening.

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a private

one-on-one session with eva

We can heal and clear the blocks to your magnetic feminine power.

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embodied practices to use for a lifetime

Boost your feminine radiance, sexual pleasure, and confidence. We draw from Sexual Tantra, Kundalini Yoga and Polarity Practices.

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a pleasure-sister for support

We want you engaged, turned-on, and connected. Our network - and your Sister - keeps you excited and juiced up.


About Eva


I've always been into sex.

I was born with a fascination about how we express love. It's my mission.

I've been a sexologist, psychotherapist, and academic for over 20 years. But more than anything...


I consider myself a professional troublemaker.

My story goes like this....

Early in life, I met my first soulmate and we married. We had an incredible relationship, but nearly a decade into the marriage, I lost my libido. Gone. Vanished. And I couldn't seem to get it back.

Eventually we divorced. We couldn't resuscitate our marriage with the tools we had at the time.

It was devastating, but it set me on a path to discover what intimacy really meant for me. Even though I had all the academic knowledge, something was missing.

As I began to date again, I found myself heartbroken much of the time. To numb the pain, I settled for "junk food sex" and exhausted myself with work.

I didn't know how to embody my feminine power.

I began to study ancient practices in sacred sexuality. I awakened to the holiness of my body and learned to harness my sexual energy as a source of power. I learned about the the specific desires of the masculine.

I realized that, first and foremost....

We have to love ourselves the way we want to BE loved.

What I offer you now is a menage-a-trois between the art of feminine seduction, the science of mind-body psychology, and the spirituality of sacred sex.

I've been told I give good permission.

I hope we get to play, dear sister. You deserve to be loved, deeply and passionately.


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we start mon. oct 29, 2018

Enrollment is in 3 payments of $333

(+3% service charge)


one payment of $997

By application only

Let’s jump on the phone to see if this is right for you….



Your pleasure comes first.

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you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves…

- Mary Oliver